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Bar Interactive Pty Ltd  31 168 447 596 is an Australian private company who get the right freelancers to do the job. We can connect you to the right Australian based freelancers who can do UI/UX design, graphics design, photography, website/app development and IT procurement. 

The connection.

All great projects start with the initial connection and scope. Have an idea, or need some work done on an existing project? Contact Us for the that initial connection. Quotations a free from us.

Solution Conceptualization

Like building a house, careful planning and scoping is required. We will scope out the work to make sure it's feasible, accomplishes your requirements and can be done within your time constraints.


The design is a critical part of the process, it will plan out the implementation for the product. For the application, front and back-end will be all planned out before development to make sure the specifications are met.

Development & refinement

 The solution will be developed and refined to make sure the specifications are met in the final product. During the development process customer feedback is essential part to develop the final product.

Deployment & Support

 Once the customer is happy with the product, deployment to the production is part of the job. Whether to choose to stick with us or another it is up to you. Continual support is provided if required.  

What our
customers say

We love our customers, and they love us
  • It was such a pleasure to work with...

    The features and the hosting are as good as leading competitor for e-commerce but for a fraction of the price. And Wilson was pleasure to work with in migrating us over and setting us up.

    Aaron from lolgiftsco.com

  • very knowledgeable

    Amazing customer service and very knowledgeable.

    Wilson has really been a key asset to the operation of our business.

    Yexin from Nixeycles

  • demystified the whole process

    Made creating a website achievable. With no knowledge on how and where to start. Demystified the whole process and allowed me to launch my website seamlessly.

    Wensy from Tinychompers

Goodbye, templates!

Don't cycle through dozens of templates. Your smart website is made just for you, with a unique style and design. 


We have the expertise in the follow frameworks and api's
Django framework
django rest framework

Featured websites

we've provided solutions to
Scent Haven (https://www.scenthaven.com.au)

Scent Haven

Web Development
Web Hosting
Nixecyles (https://www.nixecycles.com.au)


Web Development
lolgiftsco (https://www.lolgiftsco.com/)


Web Development
Web Hosting
GGregistry (https://www.ggregistry.com)


Web Development
Web Hosting
C&R Engineering HD (https://www.crengineeringhd.com.au/)

C&R Engineering HD

Web Development
Web Hosting
CJ-Picture (https://cj-picture.com/)


Web Development
Web Hosting
Email Hosting
Milu and Moo (https://miluandmoo.com)

Milu and Moo

Web Development
Web Hosting

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